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    Ideate Asthra

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    Ideate Asthra: Igniting Innovation through Ideathon Welcome to Ideate Asthra, where creativity meets competition! Ideate Asthra is not your typical startup pitching idea competition—it's a dynamic Ideathon designed to spark innovation and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. For more details contact: Treesa Joseph-8606924542 Amrutha Prakash- 9746391569


    Ideate Asthra



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    FAQ: How is the registration works?

    Payment mode of event depends on category. Some events are free with ASTHRA PASS, but required to register.
    Sjcetians Don't need to buy ASTHRA PASS all Technical events are free for them, but WORKSHOP PASS should be purchased.
    Sjcetians are not allowed to compete in any competitions.
    Under any circumstances, If you buy any pass it won't be refunded.
    Before everything, you need to complete the profile. Make sure to complete the transaction without closing the page
    And finally you have to identify yourself once again to complete the transaction.