Pixel Conquest

    Pixel Conquest

    Created by Cyber Security

    In the immersive digital arena, participants deploy their self-designed 'bots' to conquer a blank canvas using provided API endpoints. Every pixel placed and stroke drawn is a strategic move aimed at outsmarting opponents and gaining an edge. Within the canvas's limits, participants must innovate, optimizing resources and bypassing constraints to assert dominance. It's a test of creativity, adaptability, and cunning as participants vie for control, crafting intricate patterns and alliances while outmaneuvering rivals. Success demands not just technical skill but also the ability to think outside the box, adapting strategies in a dynamic and fiercely competitive landscape.


    Pixel Conquest


    Room 22, Block Electronics Lab, 3rd Floor

    Event starts at

    4:30:00 AM

    Duration of event

    2 HOURS



    FAQ: How is the registration works?

    Payment mode of event depends on category. Some events are free with ASTHRA PASS, but required to register.
    Sjcetians Don't need to buy ASTHRA PASS all Technical events are free for them, but WORKSHOP PASS should be purchased.
    Sjcetians are not allowed to compete in any competitions.
    Under any circumstances, If you buy any pass it won't be refunded.
    Before everything, you need to complete the profile. Make sure to complete the transaction without closing the page
    And finally you have to identify yourself once again to complete the transaction.